Travel Support

CHCServices provides safe and dependable travel support for seniors and for individuals who require personal care and medical assistance when traveling or relocating. 

Health conditions and the need for assistance with personal care can make travel and vacations seem overwhelming and even unattainable. We can make your vacation or special event relaxing and enjoyable by arranging for a nurse or a caregiver to accompany you and your loved one during your travels.

Travel support begins by making travel arrangements with our Community Outreach Manager. Then, one of our nurses will develop a customized plan of care to make sure that your personal care needs and expectations are met. 

Travel Support Services

The travel nurse or caregiver will make your travel as safe and as stress-free as possible by providing the following:

  • Airport check-in and ticketing
  • Carrying luggage
  • Getting through security or customs
  • Boarding the plane
  • Assistance with personal care on the plane
  • Health monitoring and medication assistance
  • Assistance with ground transportation
  • Hotel check-in

After arriving at your destination, the nurse or caregiver will provide the daily assistance with medical needs and personal care as outlined in the plan of care. They can either go with you on sightseeing tours and outings or they can remain at the hotel. Additionally, the nurse or caregiver can remain at the hotel with the individual and provide care while the family goes on an outing by themselves.

Paying for the Nurse or Caregiver’s Travel Expenses

The individual and/or family are responsible for all the travel expenses including transportation, lodging with a private room, meals, and outings in addition to the professional fee for the nurse or caregiver services. All travel expenses and associated fees are to be paid in full prior to scheduling the nurse or caregiver services.   

My husband's progress has been extraordinary, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the staff from CHC Services. —Joan C.