Supplemental Staffing

CHCServices offers supplemental staffing to facilities and other healthcare providers as needed. Our temporary healthcare workers ensure that facilities remain adequately staffed at all times. We are committed to providing the resources to ensure safe and high quality patient care. When supplemental staffing is needed due to an increase in patient census or acuity, or when planned or unplanned staff absences occur, CHCServices is here to assist you.

Every CHCServices healthcare worker goes through a rigorous hiring and orientation process which includes reference checks, background checks, health screening, license verification, CPR, and skills competency. The verification of skills is completed by our registered nurses and includes infection prevention and control, fall reduction, safe transfers, personal care, medication safety and administration, food handling, national patient safety goals, emergency care, and HIPAA compliance. 

Our supplemental staffing services are offered as Per Diem staffing or on an as needed basis. We can provide a healthcare worker for a single shift or for several shifts over a period of several weeks to months. We provide supplemental staffing for the following:

  • PT (Physical Therapist)
  • RN (Registered Nurse)
  • LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)
  • NACs (Nursing Assistant Certified)

The CHCServices Clinical Supervisor meets with each facility or healthcare provider to ensure that the expectations for supplemental staffing are met, to review the facility’s policies and rules of conduct, and to develop a first shift report and orientation for the healthcare workers. We provide ongoing nursing oversight and training with our healthcare workers and ongoing evaluation of the supplemental staffing services that are provided.

CHCS emphasizes compassion, accountability, results and expertise; all of which I found to be true. —Loralee M.