RN Care Management

An RN Care Manager is an experienced registered nurse who works one-on-one with individuals and their families who are going through a difficult time having to deal with a new medical diagnosis, chronic illness, or other changes in health and care needs. The RN Care Manager assists families with a better and more efficient way of providing care for their loved one and will guide them through the challenges of the health care system. The advice and recommendations of our RN Care Managers is invaluable.    

RN Care Management Services

CHCServices RN Care Managers provide the following services:

  • Nursing assessment to determine the level and type of care needed
  • Development of a plan of care that best meets the needs of the client
  • Oversee and direct the care that is provided at home
  • Provide caregiver and family training and education
  • Assist with procuring medical equipment and supplies
  • Become an advocate for the client and the family
  • Provide coaching and support to clients who want to manage their own medical conditions  
  • Health promotion by addresses factors that may enhance quality of life
  • Assess for changes in medical condition 
  • Assist client and family in making decisions about changes in a medical condition  
  • Assist families in making decisions about long term care for their loved one
  • Schedule medical appointments
  • Attend medical appointments with the client and assist in carrying out the medical recommendations from physicians and other providers
  • Increase access to services and treatment, including coordination with physicians and insurance companies
  • Medication management
  • Identify and locate resources to address household needs and maintenance 
  • Manage care when a family member is out of town
  • Support when families live fare away
  • Monitor the care that is being provided in a nursing home or assisted living  

Getting Started

RN Care Management begins with a nursing assessment and a plan of care that is developed with the individual and the family. The number of hours for RN Care Management is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the family and can be increased or decreased depending on changes with care needs or changes with a medical condition. 

Client Testimonial

Read a letter from one of our clients. 

My heart is full of thanks for the very best care. —Stacey R.