Employee of The Month

Every month we recognize a Care Specialist who embodies CHCServices' core values and demonstrates outstanding performance. We call them our "Rising Star." At the end of the year we choose a “Caregiver of the Year” from one of the twelve “Rising Stars”.

A Rising Star is someone who:

  • Receives compliments from clients and co-workers
  • Is on time to all scheduled shifts
  • Participates in ongoing education
  • Demonstrates good communication skills 
  • Adheres to the clinical and personnel policies  
  • Provides excellent, client centered care 

Help us choose the Rising Star by calling the office and giving us a compliment about the Care Specialist working with you or your loved one.   


Rising Star for the Month of July

Coming Soon!

My husband's progress has been extraordinary, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the staff from CHC Services. —Joan C.