Employee of The Month

Every month we recognize a Care Specialist who embodies CHCServices' core values and demonstrates outstanding performance. We call them our "Rising Star." At the end of the year we choose a “Caregiver of the Year” from one of the twelve “Rising Stars”.

A Rising Star is someone who:

  • Receives compliments from clients and co-workers
  • Is on time to all scheduled shifts
  • Participates in ongoing education
  • Demonstrates good communication skills 
  • Adheres to the clinical and personnel policies  
  • Provides excellent, client centered care 

Help us choose the Rising Star by calling the office and giving us a compliment about the Care Specialist working with you or your loved one.   


Rising Star for the Month of July

Coming Soon!

CHCS emphasizes compassion, accountability, results and expertise; all of which I found to be true. —Loralee M.